RA Research Project Needs YOU!

I’ve recently been working on an RA research project with ImYoo, which is a biotech startup, originating from Caltech (The California Institute of Technology).


ImYoo is a biotech startup that spun out of Caltech last year. With our kit, you can take a molecular snapshot of your immune system from home. We think this is important for making research accessible, no matter where you live. We brainstormed research ideas with folks who have RA and now we’re preparing to crowdfund a study for one of those ideas. Please answer our 3-minute survey, so we can launch this study! 

Please take this short RA survey if you’d like to help out with this research project. And please feel free to pass it on to others with RA. We need as many people as we can get to answer the survey in order to move forward with the project and to ultimately help those who struggle with this painful and debilitating disease.

SURVEY: https://akruj13evsf.typeform.com/to/NzJtdiYg

Here’s to SCIENCE! Thank you!

4 thoughts on “RA Research Project Needs YOU!

  1. I started to sign up and realized I am so busy on Tuesday (doctor appointments) and Wednesday infusion, I did not have time. If you see they have other periods I will gladly join up. I love the idea.

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