Medical incompetence wins again

I called my case analyst this afternoon at the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice regarding the medical complaint against my former rheumatologists. Bad news – the case was closed because the board thought there wasn’t enough evidence to justify disciplinary action. This is very disappointing, yet I’m not really surprised. Doctors are so well-protected and even untouchable, it seems. The arrogance, apathy, negligence, and complete disrespect of my doctors put me through months, years even, of hell. In a just world something should have been done to try to remedy this situation. But no. They get off without so much as a slap on the wrist and are free to treat other patients like dirt. Below is the full and actual complaint I submitted as a result of the most recent mistreatment by my doctors. Thanks to them, I was basically left stranded in France last winter unable to get crucial medication and medical help while abroad.

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