Palmer Lake

I dragged my bike out for the first time this spring and went on a couple short rides this weekend.  I’ve been anxious about doing this again because of the problems with my knees that developed last summer (exacerbated by biking, most likely).  The first little ride I did went fine, and it felt so good to be exercising and just being outside in the fresh air.  Yesterday I went for a longer ride around a small lake near my house; the trail is about three miles plus the distance to and from the lake.  I don’t know if I pushed myself too hard too soon or if my knees are just permanently messed up.  But almost immediately after I got off the bike they began to hurt.  They’re still hurting today and I’m shuffling around like an old lady.  This is very depressing; I was hoping so much to be able to go on bike rides again.  Now I’m not sure if I should just wait this out or if I should go back to the orthopedic doctor whom I saw last fall.  I want to exercise, dammit!  I guess my final option is doing aquatic workouts at Courage Center with a bunch of geriatrics (who probably pee in the pool).  Great.