April angst

Spring is coming...I can feel it

April has been such an insane month, full of extreme ups and downs, highs and lows. Where do I begin?  I lost my full-time job at Fraser the first week of April.  This was a very unexpected blow and I was freaking out for the first few days after hearing the news. Luckily, by some strange twist of fate, another job landed in my lap – a job at a company where I have worked before as a temp.  This was a huge relief despite it being temporary.  I had been working so hard to pay off my debt and the ever-growing pile of medical bills.  The new job actually paid more than Fraser even though it was only part-time. Relief! Happiness! Freak-out over (or so I thought).  Long story short, the new temp job was going very well.  I was happy to be working there and earning a bit more money while I looked and applied for other jobs that actually interested me.  I was excited to find a job opening for a non-profit book publishing company called Milkweed Editions. However, hours spent perfecting my cover letter and resume became hours wasted.  I applied and never heard a word from them – even when I sent a follow-up email.  This was very disappointing.  But, things were going well.  I was still off prednisone (it’s been seven months now, I think), I was starting to finally lose a bit of weight (thanks to patience and hard work), and the person I had started dating (I think we were dating?) was proving to be a fun and happy addition to my life.

Fast-forward a couple weeks.  My health and RA is good, I’ve got a new job, I’m motivated to apply for interesting jobs that I really want, I’m looking forward to photographing my friend’s wedding in North Carolina in May, and I’m seeing someone that I feel like I have a good connection with and really like a lot.  LIFE IS GREAT!  Until I get punched in the gut the last week of April.

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