Chronic Anemia

I’ve suffered from anemia for a long time–ever since getting RA, I believe. During these 20+ years of having RA and struggling with anemia, I’ve tried just about everything to raise my hemoglobin and other iron labs, including oral iron supplements and I.V. infusions. Taking iron supplements and receiving iron infusions helped somewhat in the past, although only temporarily. Sometime during the pandemic, I think I may have accidentally figured out the “cure” for my chronic anemia and iron deficiency. I wrote an article about this for, which was published last month.

“Anemia, Chronically Gone?”

Check out the article to read how vitamin B12 helped my iron labs return to normal and remain stable! Covid-19 has really wreaked havoc on my life, and continues to do so in many ways, however I’m grateful for the surprisingly good things that have come from this devastating pandemic. This small “victory” (or maybe it’s a large one?) is one of those things.

One thought on “Chronic Anemia

  1. Angela, I am with you on the anemia carousel. I had the iron infusion; it was great (as great goes) now I am back to the starting point. My RBC goes up and down like a 200-foot roller coaster on a 1/2 acre of land. I hope it gets resolved sometime soon. ……….. rick

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