Covid-19 Vaccination #3!

August 18, 2021

I got my third Pfizer vaccination two weeks ago yesterday at a local CVS. It was super fast and easy and I was relieved to get it. My first set of vaccinations were back in March, and with the nasty Delta variant that’s causing an explosion of cases and hospitalizations, I had been growing more and more nervous about if or how much I was still protected. I’ve also been holding off on going back on my Humira until after getting a third vaccination (plus a two-week wait). I just really do not want to be on any immunosuppressant medications right now with Delta running rampant and there are still so many people who refuse to get vaccinated or follow safety protocols.

Speaking of the anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers, I am furious with them. I’m disgusted at their stubborn selfishness and unwillingness to DO WHAT THEY’RE SUPPOSED TO DO to protect the health, safety, and well-being of us all. I’m so tired of listening to people, grown adults, yelling about their “rights being taken away,” and spouting off about ridiculous conspiracy theories and dangerous disinformation. If you live in a society, rights are shared. And nobody has the “right” to make me or anyone else sick or dead from Covid-19.

I’ve been saying this since Day 1: Covid-19 is a PUBLIC HEALTH ISSUE and NOT a political one. It shouldn’t be a political issue at all, but it’s too late. It’s become heavily politicized. So while people continue to refuse getting vaccinated, burn masks, and protest against schools trying to keep their students and staff safe, people are continuing to suffer terribly and die. And now it’s not just older people or those with underlying health conditions. No, it’s young healthy people. It’s kids. My mind is constantly blown by all of this; nothing makes sense. And Covid-19 is DEADLY. It’s nothing to play around with. Why don’t people get this?

Immunocompromised people and those with weakened immune systems, their lives matter and should be protected. They shouldn’t have to be forced back into total isolation or a self-imposed lockdown because other idiots refuse to listen to scientific and medical experts. Maybe the Delta variant wouldn’t even exist if everyone had just gotten vaccinated right away as soon as they were eligible? The longer Covid-19 hangs around and has the ability to keep infecting people, science tells us that more variants are going to emerge. That’s how they emerge–from developing within people who are infected with the virus. What if the next variant is totally resistant to the vaccines? Then what are we going to do?

Please, wake up people, and do your part to help end this nightmare. GET VACCINATED and help save lives! Why is this so difficult?

In other third vaccination news, I did wind up getting sick from the shot, but I expected that to happen. I got pretty sick after the first two shots (the first shot was the worst, oddly?). The morning after my third shot, I woke up with a 101.5 degree fever, a throbbing left arm (where I got the shot), and chills and full body pain. I think I felt back to normal about 2-3 days after the vaccination, so that wasn’t too bad. I also really hope that my body’s reaction to the shot means that it worked and my immune system was functioning well and producing enough antibodies.

But again, I just can’t say it enough: PLEASE GET VACCINATED! Do it for yourself, but also do it for your family, friends, neighbors, community, healthcare workers, essential workers, the immunocompromised, innocent children. Do it to save lives and because it’s what we need to do to end this horrible pandemic. I can’t beg you enough: please, please get vaccinated. And wear a mask.

Thank you for listening and I hope everyone stays safe and healthy out there. We need to take care of each other more than ever right now.

6 thoughts on “Covid-19 Vaccination #3!

  1. I’m so glad you’ve gotten the booster! I haven’t, yet, as I get my shots through the VA, and they don’t have them yet. They’ll let me know when they do, and I’ll be there for one instantly (or at least as fast as I can). I share your fury and frustration with people who STILL won’t get vaccinated. It’s selfish stupidity and nothing more. It makes me sad that so many of my fellow Americans have turned into self-serving, stupid, vicious goblins.
    You look great! I hope you’ve been feeling well. :)

    1. Thank you, Wren! I hope you can get yours ASAP. Can’t you just go to a CVS with your vaccination card? That’s what I did. I called ahead to make sure they had enough and did a walk-in. You need your vaccination card with you, though, for them to sign. Yes, the selfishness is shocking and appalling. These anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers are making this horrible situation 100 times worse, I feel.

      Thank you…hope we can properly catch up sometime soon. Miss you!

  2. I am so excited. We both got ours don’t eh same day. I was blown away. CVS asked me if I wanted to get it. I said heck yes. So I went into the pharmacy, and bam, I was vaccinated. Sheryl even was carrying my vaccine card, so even that is up to date. Now two weeks later, it is time to start kissing… oh never mind


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