RA in the Time of Covid-19

I know I haven’t posted anything about the current COVID-19 pandemic, but I suppose it’s because I’ve been trying hard to control my anxiety, which seems to always be at some level of panicky these days. Being a high-risk and immunocompromised person right now is making my “normal” anxiety and paranoia 100 times worse. So, basically, I’ve just been trying to distract myself with different things: books, TV, movies, cleaning, laundry, junk food, social media, dumb Internet stuff. It’s not working that great, honestly.

I’m scared. I’m scared for my high-risk parents (Dad has prostate cancer, which is stable), my high-risk relatives, my fellow RA and chronic illness friends all over the country and the world–and myself and my crappy immune system. There are so many what-ifs and unknowns about this virus, too, which makes everything even more frightening.

Also, I’m in-between apartments/houses/cities at the moment, so I’m self-quarantined with my stubborn Boomer parents, who still want to go shopping and run around all over town like nothing’s going on. Did I mention ANXIETY??

Please, God, let us all get through this nightmare safely.

And, for the record, I am willing to tie up my parents and lock them in the basement, if necessary.


4 thoughts on “RA in the Time of Covid-19

  1. Hi Angela!
    Well, *this* Boomer is staying home and isolated, that’s for sure! Hang in there, dearie. We’ll all get through this. Much love and warm hugs for you.

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