Starting Simponi

simponiTwo days ago I did my third Simponi injection since starting the drug in April. So far, so good; I haven’t had any reactions or side effects or problems from it. And, the injection itself is almost painless, which is a very pleasant surprise, compared to the severe stinging of Enbrel and Humira. I don’t even have to ice my leg or stomach before doing the shot!

But, is it working? No, not yet, I don’t think. My rheumatologist told me that it can take three months at minimum to possibly begin working, and longer than that, more likely. So here I am at month three, pretty desperate for it to start doing its magic. It’s been about five years now, and several failed biologics, since my RA has been stable and well-controlled on a biologic (Remicade). I’m so ready for this to work!

Here’s an article I wrote for about starting my 8th biologic medication: “Starting Simponi”

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