Anemia & RA

Yesterday I had my first iron IV infusion since last December because my hematology labs are still abnormal; my hemoglobin is 10-something. I’ve been dealing with anemia or borderline anemia ever since my RA diagnosis 18 years ago, I think. During all of those years I knew my anemia was somehow related to RA, but it’s not until just recently that I started doing some research on it.

Here’s a recent article I wrote for about the anemia-RA connection.

“Anemia & RA”

I’m willing to bet that there are a lot of other people out there with RA who also struggle with anemia. Is your fatigue from your RA and pain or could it be from low iron levels? Good question! :)

One thought on “Anemia & RA

  1. Great Question, that it always good to know with RA. I always know if I am feeling tired I need to check on my iron levels. I’ve been dealing with RA, anemia and fibro for 17 years. I had a Iron Infusion 2 years ago my hemoglobin is 5 and iron levels were 1, I felt like I was dying. I was so weak, dizzy, and hair was failing out. It was a mess, that was all due to me anemic smh….

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