Friday: Attack of the giant ankle(s)

RAankleHere is a photo of last Friday’s very swollen ankles–especially the right one. Ouch. I have to say, the heat and humidity of summer in NYC is quickly becoming my enemy. Sitting at a desk all day at a temp job doesn’t help the swollen feet/ankles problem either. Luckily there is this wonderful little invention called ICE. After sitting on this step for a few minutes after work, dreading the rush hour subway ride back to Brooklyn from crazy Midtown, I did finally hoist myself up and limp down into the subway. As soon as I got home you can be sure that I strapped my ice pack onto that annoying ankle. I posted this photo on Facebook not long after I took it, complaining in a half-joking manner about how much I missed my pre-RA cute and skinny ankles (ankle bones even visible back then!). My cousin wrote back, “At least you’re wearing cute pants!” Yes, that’s true. Cute pants do help. Whatever makes things a little bit better, right?

So have a great day, stay cool, and wear some cute pants! Hang in there, everybody. Summer can be tough.

6 thoughts on “Friday: Attack of the giant ankle(s)

  1. How much I dreaded when I get these attacks. ..depressing mood self pity …plonk comes these blogs and some solutions for pain and to overcome the pain. ..God bless you. ..for sharing ….somewhere someone outta there has the same agony and sends msgs is really nice. ..

  2. I get these exact ankles, not the best situation. I have recently started Tai Chi and found at first being on my feet to do that made my ankles grow, but now I am seeing a drastic relief from this dreaded swell. Take a look at Dr. Paul Lam, his book Born Strong was the reason I decided to try Tai Chi, he is well known in the arthritis community and how to deal with a lifetime of it.

    1. Hi Annie!

      Thank you for your comment and info about Tai Chi. I appreciate it! I have not tried Tai Chi before (I know, I should), but I’ll look into it. I’m glad that it’s brought you significant relief for your ankles!


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