Pain without pain relief

I’ve been having a flare-up for the last three days or so in both feet and ankles, hands, and my right wrist. My shoulder too, I think (sometimes it’s so hard to tell which pain is which). And, in great frustration (and pain), I’m out of pain medication. Once again these new, stricter FDA regulations on narcotics are causing me additional and unnecessary suffering. And I know I’m not the only one.

So, sorry for complaining, but I think this issue needs to be talked about. I’d also like to point out that if I had easier access to pain treatment (which is obviously legitimate and not abusive), I would not be missing work this week. I’m losing. My bank account is losing. Society/the economy is losing. And my sweet kindergarten students are losing their teacher.

Here’s a good opinion piece I read today from The Boston Globe by Donald N.S. Unger:

“My Chronic Pain Isn’t A Crime”

This hits home, unfortunately.

13 thoughts on “Pain without pain relief

  1. I feel your pain! I live in New England and I’m surrounded by snow, and that means lots of SHOVELING! Oh, and I own a corner lot so that means double the sidewalks! And guess what, I ran out of my pain meds early. I can’t refill till Saturday, but I will be calling my rheumatologist on Thursday to get the ball running. Arrgh! I just hope they don’t make me wait till Monday, (they’ve done that before), I guess they think I will be partying all weekend otherwise! Jerks….

    1. Thanks for your comment! Ugh, snow. It’s been snowing all day here (but that’s nothing new). I’m sorry to hear you’ve also run out of pain meds early and that you have to wait until Saturday. Ridiculous! Good luck–I hope you don’t have to wait until Monday. Luckily my rheumatologist is very nice and helpful about it, but his hands are tied. Hang in there and don’t shovel too much!

      1. Thank you, Angela! I’d gladly trade my pain to NOT have to take pain meds. They make me feel like an addict when I call a day or two early, but I don’t want to wait/be in pain any longer than is necessary! I know you understand. *HUGS*

      2. Do what you need to do to take care of yourself! And you are not an addict (I don’t know you, of course, but I highly doubt it). I do understand. I HATE making that phone call! You can do it and I hope you get relief ASAP! Hugs back. :)

  2. None of us should feel ashamed for needing help to control pain. Instead, govt. should feel ashamed for ignoring those of us with legitimate chronic pain in order to punish criminals and fools. Tired of it, but it seems no end in sight.

  3. I completely understand. I am a full time college student in education and when my RA acts up my professors think I am faking and my field study students wonder where I am at. I feel bad because I can’t be there for them as I would like. They are still trying to figure out what medications to place me on.

    1. Thank you for your comment/message! I’m really sorry to hear about your struggles with school and work with RA. I know how it is! I hope your doctor can figure out a successful treatment plan for you soon. Hang in there, things will get better!


  4. I’ve just been diagnosed with R.A. after YEARS of pain. First I was told it was bone pain due to osteomalcia and I was put on massive doses of calcium and vitamin D. Then my endocrinologist decided it wasn’t bone pain and said it sounded like fibromyalgia. Sent me to a rheumatologist who began treating me for fibroyalgia. This was months ago. I decided to try another rheumatologist. I’ve been seeing her now for a few months. I tested positive for R.A. factor and she has me on prednisone (short-term only) and wants me on Methotrexate. I am very concerned about the side effects and also that it could be MONTHS before I get any relief. The only pain medication she will give me are NSAIDs. Sitting at my desk for eights hours a day can be brutual at times. I feel guilty asking my own doctor for some pain relief. Any advice??

    1. Hi Julie!

      Thank you for your comment and reading my blog. I’m sorry to hear about all of the pain you’ve been dealing with. I really shouldn’t give medical advice, but one thing I will say is that I think it’s important to be assertive and your own best advocate with your doctor. I’ve always told my doctor everything–every symptom, worry, need, etc. But I also know it can be tricky and stressful asking for pain medication because doctors can be so weird about that. You don’t want to get labeled as a pill-seeker, etc. It’s ridiculous. I think if you need pain relief, you should get pain relief! I’m not sure what your relationship is like with your rheumatologist, but maybe try being as open and honest as possible about what your needs are. Let him/her know how badly you’re in pain. And that the NSAIDs aren’t helping (they don’t help me). Hopefully your doctor will be understanding.

      Good luck! Feel free to send me an email if you want to talk more. :)

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