RA Grrrl!

January 30, 2014


I’m a girl you can’t shut up! –said musician/artist/Riot Girrrl/feminist/activist Kathleen Hanna. And I’m really glad that she doesn’t shut up. I recently wrote a blog post for RheumatoidArthritis.net about a wonderful documentary I saw last month called The Punk Singer (2013), which is about Kathleen and her contributions to feminism, the riot girrrl movement, music, and the world in general–as a creative and empowered woman. You should definitely check it out; it’s not out on DVD yet (March, I think), but it’s still showing in some cinemas. The documentary also reveals Kathleen’s struggles with a serious, chronic illness, which came as a surprise to me.

Here’s my blog post regarding my thoughts about the documentary, Kathleen Hanna, and my own passion for becoming involved with advocacy work:

“RA Grrrl!”

I hope you like it! And again, please see The Punk Singer if you can. It’s great.

4 Responses to “RA Grrrl!”

  1. Cool. I’ll check it out .

  2. Interesting…I enjoyed your RA Grrrl post also. Can I ask you a question. I have seen this many times and I always wonder why people do it. What are your reasons for asking people to log in before leaving a comment on your blog? Is it for spam?

    • Angela Says:

      Thanks for your comment. Yes, it’s to prevent spam, mostly. Or inappropriate comments (not that anybody would do that, right? ha).

  3. Cassie Jay Says:

    Wonderful article, Angela! You nailed it again. I will have to watch this documentary. Hope you are surviving the cold here in MN. Looking forward to your next article. Best regards, Cassie Jay

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