RA Grrrl!


I’m a girl you can’t shut up! –said musician/artist/Riot Girrrl/feminist/activist Kathleen Hanna. And I’m really glad that she doesn’t shut up. I recently wrote a blog post for RheumatoidArthritis.net about a wonderful documentary I saw last month called The Punk Singer (2013), which is about Kathleen and her contributions to feminism, the riot girrrl movement, music, and the world in general–as a creative and empowered woman. You should definitely check it out; it’s not out on DVD yet (March, I think), but it’s still showing in some cinemas. The documentary also reveals Kathleen’s struggles with a serious, chronic illness, which came as a surprise to me.

Here’s my blog post regarding my thoughts about the documentary, Kathleen Hanna, and my own passion for becoming involved with advocacy work:

“RA Grrrl!”

I hope you like it! And again, please see The Punk Singer if you can. It’s great.

4 thoughts on “RA Grrrl!

  1. Interesting…I enjoyed your RA Grrrl post also. Can I ask you a question. I have seen this many times and I always wonder why people do it. What are your reasons for asking people to log in before leaving a comment on your blog? Is it for spam?

    1. Hi,
      Thanks for your comment. Yes, it’s to prevent spam, mostly. Or inappropriate comments (not that anybody would do that, right? ha).

  2. Wonderful article, Angela! You nailed it again. I will have to watch this documentary. Hope you are surviving the cold here in MN. Looking forward to your next article. Best regards, Cassie Jay

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