Bills, bills, bills

Well, I just got off the phone with Fairview in response to the multiple collections phone calls they’ve been making to me while I was in New York. It looks like I have a total Fairview bill of about $1,800. And I know I have like $500 due to The University of Minnesota Physicians. My, ah, bank account currently holds about $45. I almost choked when I logged into my account today and saw what my Visa bill is. Okay, the Visa bill isn’t a huge surprise since I’ve been spending like crazy on traveling lately and I’ve barely been working full-time. The medical bills are pretty daunting though – especially when I was only getting paid $9/hour for substitute teaching over the last month (ridiculous). Nobody likes to listen to other people whine and moan about money problems, I know, so I apologize for this venting. I just think it’s unfair that my health insurance costs so much in the first place, and then to have all of these other expensive medical bills on top of that. There are others out there who are in much worse shape than I am, I know, and I feel really awful for them. Dealing with the stress and worry of medical bills while you’re already trying to manage a painful chronic illness kind of stinks.

Okay, my venting is finished (for now). I have other positive, awesome things to write about, such as my New York trip, and plans for the future. Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Bills, bills, bills

  1. Contact both hospitals and practices and see if they have financial counseling available. Explain that you only have $45 in your bank account. See what happens. I know that it’s time-consuming, but they might help you out. I know I’ve called before and just kept insisting that one $500 charge was invalid, and the clerk finally just nixed it from my record so that I would shut up.

    Good luck!! And get better soon. :)


  2. I was going to say the same thing as Abigail. Many hospitals have financial counselors who will look at your finances and make an appropriate discount. A good rule of thumb is to start by asking for a 40% discount on a hospital bill and 20% discount on physician bills.

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