Vacation, had to get away

Ft. Myers Beach, FL
Ft. Myers Beach, FL

Hello from Florida! I’m on a little family vacation now in Ft. Myers Beach with my parents, my sister, and her husband and their two year-old daughter. We just celebrated my mom’s birthday today; we had dinner in Naples and then watched the sunset from the Naples pier. It’s been wonderful to escape from cold (and SNOWY, still!) Minnesota. My family and I have been recently dealing with a very stressful and scary health situation – my dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer. We still don’t know the results from the last tests he had done to see if the cancer has spread. He wanted to wait to find out after this Florida trip, which is understandable I suppose. Although my mother, sister and I have been worrying like crazy. Relaxing on the beach and just getting away from “real life” for a little while has definitely helped to take our minds off things. So while the questions and fears and “what-ifs” are still nagging in the back of our minds, we are having fun being down here, enjoying the beautiful Gulf of Mexico and the sunny Florida weather. It’s been especially a joy to watch my little niece running around on the sand and getting so excited about being at the beach. She’s so adorable I almost can’t handle it – I just want to hug and kiss and squeeze her all the time. So cute.

In RA news, my arthritis is worse again, of course. Both ankles have been swelling up like balloons, especially my right foot and ankle. I’m not sure if it’s the humidity, the extra walking, or all of the Diet Coke I’ve been guzzling. It’s probably a mix of all three, I’m guessing. So I’ve started taking prednisone again, icing my ankle and I’ve cut way down on the Diet Coke consumption. Water just isn’t that satisfying when you’re lounging in the sun by the beach and you want something cold and zero calories to drink though. But Diet Coke is bad, I know that. Also pain-related, like the moron I am sometimes, I was careless and got terribly sunburnt our first full day here. I went and laid on the beach wearing a tank top and shorts for seemingly not that long – but apparently it was long enough to get fried. What was I thinking? Hello, pasty white Minnesota skin that hasn’t seen sunlight since last May/June! Stupid. My shoulders, upper arms, upper back and the backs of my legs are the worst. Trying to sleep Sunday night was torture. Luckily my sunburn is better today, but my shoulders and back are still pretty sore. You’d think by now that I would be used to being in pain constantly, right? No! I don’t think I’ll ever get used to it. Physical pain, mental pain, emotional pain – I need a vacation from all of it.

More posts soon, I promise. I have a lot of new arthritis stuff to write about!



2 thoughts on “Vacation, had to get away

  1. It is great to be with the family on a holiday, isn’t it? I am a person who loved vacations but my RA made me get stuck in my home as I was not able to do things the others were able due to my pain on my kness. Lived with it for almost six years and went to Dr. Purita for treatment. I went through a stem cell therapy treatment for about four months and the pain reduced more than I even expected. It was a treatment where my bone marrow was extracted and the separated stem cells were re-injected to the effected area with an injection. The treatment was effective than any medication I used to take during the past six years and I wish I could have done this treatment much earlier as I have missed out so much in my life…..but …..NOT Any more!

  2. my name is Vicki and I am from Liverpool England I am 35 years old and have just received the news I have the early stages of rheumatoid arthritis I am going through some terrible emotions of fear, the future, the outlook I remain calm then I get myself worked up again. The past 4 months since the first symptom have been long and frightening, yesterday my professor gave me a powerful drug which although I am abit frightened of the side effects I am quite relieved the thing is in. I have found your blog which I will continue to follow. I am trying to accept and get use to my body behaving like a snail at times. Lets give hope to the scientists in the future to extinguish this disease!

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