Palmer Lake, Minnesota

Spring is here and change is in the air, it seems. Lots of things are happening right now – good and bad. My long-term temp job at Fairview just ended last Friday so now I am unemployed again. I have a few job applications in the works, so hopefully I’ll get some good news regarding those. My RA has been flaring up out of control over the last few weeks – my ankles are really painful. I’ve been taking 20 mg of prednisone and it doesn’t seem to be working, so I’m really worried. The doctor’s office is supposed to call me back today sometime. Still waiting. My knees and hands have also been bothering me somewhat so it seems RA is probably the culprit regarding my ankles. My surgery ankle (the right one) has been especially painful. I’m almost tempted to wonder if something else is wrong with it. The D.C. trip is coming up in two weeks and I just hope and pray that my ankles will calm down significantly by then. My remicade infusion is scheduled for Friday so I hope this flare-up will get better once I have that.

Good news – Despite the current flare-up, I’ve started riding my bike again! I rode around Palmer Lake (about three miles) two nights ago and it felt really good to just be outside and getting exercise. My goal is to try to go on a bike ride at least once a day, even if just for a short ride. I want so much to be healthier and to lose weight. I know I can do it if I work hard enough. Sticking with healthy eating and exercising is the challenge though. Cutting out Diet Coke again is another difficult challenge. Ugh.

2 thoughts on “Update

  1. Hello,
    This is my first post. I am 27 and last month i was dianosed with RA. The Doctor put me on vicodin, and ibprofen. My RA mostly affects my hands, wrist, shoulders, and elbows, but it has affected my ankles, knees, and feet. I have been doing as much research as possible. I have nit had a single week without being in pain, swollen and red somewhere. I have also noticed my joints feel weak. When i hold my 21 lb. Daughter i feel weak and sore very quickly. I have even noticed weakness if i clean too much or do dishes too many times a day. Im feeling very useless. I have not seen a rheumatologist, and my Dr. said he will do what he can first. Any advice?

    1. Hi Suzanne!
      Thank you for your comment/message. I’m sorry to hear of your recent diagnosis and that you’ve been in such pain. I don’t really like to give specific medical or medication advice (because I’m not a doctor), BUT as a fellow RA patient, I would definitely see a rheumatologist ASAP if I were you. A doctor who specializes in RA and rheumatology should be treating you, I’d say. See if your current doctor can refer you to someone right away. You deserve to get relief as soon as possible! I hope that helps. And I hope you feel better very soon. Thank you for writing and for reading my blog. :)


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