Infusion time again

I had my Remicade infusion yesterday and it went fine, as usual. And it was boring, as usual. There was a young girl in the “infusion bay” next to me who was watching TV and had Ru Paul’s reality drag show blaring. So annoying. There was a young guy in another bay blabbing really loudly too, which was also getting on my nerves. If I have to sit hooked up to an I.V. for three hours I’d prefer it to be quiet, but eh, what can you do? I had planned to read a lot more of my book but instead wasted a lot of time playing with my new iPhone. So addictive! That’s all I have to report, really. I’m glad the infusion is done until the next one in eight weeks. Then I’ll have to start fighting with my insurance company and deal with the stress of getting financial assistance for the year. My insurance “starts over” January 1st AKA turns to crap. I know I shouldn’t complain though because at least I have insurance. I can’t imagine what it must be like for people who have RA or other chronic illnesses who can’t afford insurance. It’s criminal, really. I end up paying a ton in out-of-pocket costs, but I’d be so far in debt if I didn’t have any insurance.

Ah, what else is new? I drove again tonight for a bit. Exciting! I also have not taken any pain medications today, although I might have to pop a Percocet before bed. Ok, I’m going to go watch a movie or something.

3 thoughts on “Infusion time again

  1. I’ve taken Remicade before and my boyfriend actually had a treatment today (he’s on it for ulcerative colitis). I completely understand what you mean about the insurance issues in costs and covering things like treatments. My family ended up paying big money for my treatments even though we have very good insurance. Hate to hear you’re feeling badly! Hope things get better for you soon and that your appointment goes well tomorrow with your therapist. Don’t be discouraged! RA can take lots of things away but don’t let it rob you of your joy :)

  2. Hope you’re having a good day Angela.

    One of the things I did several years ago, with the advice from my GP, was to get very good shoes to wear at all times in the house in place of my slippers. And, I remember that evening very well!
    First it was to the pharmacy where teary eyed I paid for Vioxx, hobbled to the fountain to take the pain med, then to my car where I sobbed for a bit in pain, then to a department store where I hobbled in to the shoe department teary eyed, chose a pair of Born shoes for home slippers, out to the car where I sobbed a bit more in pain, then on home. I am on my 4th pr. of Born shoe “slippers”. And, all my foot wear for out of doors have orthopedic inserts if they are not special shoes. This has helped me tremendously, at least with my feet.

    Now, if there was something for the fatigue, I might be a happy camper for a while.

  3. I just found your blog for the first time tonight. I am considering starting my own blog or writing a journal to be able to express my feelings about living with RA. I also live in Mpls, but don’t have any sympathetic ears to whine to.
    Thank you for taking the time and being brave enough to share your experiences. It helps to know that I am not crazy or over reacting.

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