New haircut, new ankle?

The new 'do

Sorry I’ve taken so long to post again. I’ve been busy, ah, lying around being bored and feeling pathetic, I guess. Actually it’s been almost four weeks since the surgery and my ankle does feel better, which is wonderful. I drove for the first time today which was very exciting (it really was). I only drove a short distance though so I’m not sure how far I can go without it hurting too much. I don’t want to aggravate it and set myself back, of course. I’m dying to get out of the house though!

Anyway, on the 15th I went to the doctor for my two-week check-up and that went very well. He told me that when he scoped the joint he was really surprised at all of the inflamed/damaged synovial tissue/crap he found in there. This was surprising because none of it showed up on the several MRI and X-ray scans I had. So I felt very relieved at hearing this and having him confirm that it was indeed a good thing that I had the surgery. I also got the two sutures removed and he told me that I don’t have to wear the boot all the time depending on how I feel. He also told me that he was very aggressive in removing the damaged tissue and that’s probably why I’m having more pain this time. I just really hope that my ankle completely heals this time and that my pain and swelling will be considerably less or even go away (what a miracle that would be!). I see the doctor again in a couple weeks, I think, and then I’ll have to start physical therapy. Yay.

What else can I complain about regarding this stupid ankle? Well, when I was finally starting to lose weight again I gained it all back after the surgery. I’m pissed off about that, even though it’s understandable. Just recently I had to stop the lovely pain medications because of some bad side effects. I’m pissed about that too. No, I wasn’t becoming a narcotics addict, so I’ll let you think about some other side effects of opiates if you want to. Not pleasant. I should be tapering off that stuff anyway, I know. They really did make me feel better though. So where was I? Oh yeah, I still can’t walk normally, I’m fat and deprived of delicious Percocet, bored and crabby BUT….

I got a fantastic new haircut! I’m happy about that. Actually I’m pretty happy about a lot of things right now. But this has all been a tough lesson in having extreme patience, which is something I lack. At least my hair looks good, right?

Sorry for the cranky rambling, but I am still alive and my ankle is still attached to my foot, etc. The healing and recovery continue on….

Thanks for reading and I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!


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