Update: surgery, prednisone, etc.

A lot of things have been happening regarding my RA, and well, with everything really. I’m having surgery on my right ankle again on October 31st (I hope my surgeon doesn’t play any “tricks” on me in the operating room). It’s the same surgery I had five years ago – the doctor is going to scope my ankle to try to see what’s going on in there. Like last time, I have a feeling that he’ll also end up removing inflamed synovial tissue. The frustrating thing about my ankles, the right one in particular, is that nothing ever shows up on the MRIs and X-ray scans yet I continue to have debilitating pain and swelling. As the surgery date gets closer, I’m starting to get more nervous and scared, but I just hope the surgery is more of a success than it was last time. I had my pre-op physical yesterday and I’m good to go. Whoohoo! Happy Halloween, eh?

In other frustrating news, I just went back on prednisone again after being completely off of it for about 13 months. I was so happy to be off it for this long so taking it again is really depressing. But, hopefully it will help with my strange ankle swelling that’s been going on since August. Treating and managing RA can often be a trial-and-error process that takes up so much time and energy. I’m exhausted with it. But anyway, I’m supposed to take 10 mg of the prednisone for a week, then taper down to 5 mg, then taper off. I’ve also been trying hard to lose weight again since the end of August and the thought of adding prednisone back into my “diet” is disheartening and annoying.

So is there any good news in the midst of all of this? YES. Some of my efforts at trying to get back into writing/photography/journalism are starting to pay off, I think. I just wrote a short article for an Arthritis Foundation newsletter (for my local chapter – The Upper Midwest Region) which the PR/Communications woman loved. She said she’ll definitely be coming back to me for more articles, so I’m really happy and excited about this. Today she also just requested I send her a disc of the photos I took for the recent Arthritis Walk because she really likes those as well. This is all good news! Despite my recent physical maladies and work stress, I’ve been trying hard to keep doing volunteer work which has resulted in a lot of great things, such as  meeting cool new people and getting the opportunity to work on things I’m actually interested in.

And finally, in bad/good news – I had excitedly decided to “be crazy” and go to Ireland for New Year’s in December to celebrate with good friends whom I haven’t seen for five years. After New Year’s then I’d go to Berlin and maybe travel a little bit. While I desperately want to do this, the more I think about it, I’m worried that it will be too soon to take a big trip after my surgery. The thought of missing New Year’s with my friends and postponing the trip is really disappointing. But, if I don’t go in December, then I swear I’m going to do it later in the winter or early spring. Maybe that will end up being some kind of blessing-in-disguise?

So, life is busy, life stinks, life is great! Wish me luck with the surgery – I will gladly accept all prayers and good thoughts sent this way.

Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “Update: surgery, prednisone, etc.

  1. Dear Angela,
    Good luck in your surgery! Speedy recovery wishes, thoughts and prayers that it will help with the pain.
    I am in a similar situation. I suffer from RA. I am dreadfully on prednisone. I dread if trips will be “too much” for my body to handle. I have more trouble on my right side- my knee is playing the same games as your ankle. Although it hasn’t resulted in surgery yet, nothing has showed on x-rays or MRI to lead the doctors to want to operate, but some days the pain is unbearable. It is wonderful to have a place to reach out where some one is sharing the good, the bad, and the “it’s hard to relate unless you’re living it” openly for others to read.
    Thank you and again I’m hoping a positive, rewarding outcome for you.

    1. Hi Molly,
      Thank you for your nice comment and the support, I appreciate it. I’m sorry to hear that you’re having similar problems with your knee. It’s SO frustrating when the doctors can’t really figure out how to help you, especially when you just want the pain to go away. I hope that you will get some answers soon. Thank you for reading my blog!


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