August 31, 2011

My ankles are worse again – puffy, swollen, painful. They had gotten a lot better recently and now they’re back to how they were before. I was so happy because I (wrongly) thought they were going to stay better.

Will my life ever stop being such a roller-coaster?

4 Responses to “Frustration”

  1. Annamarie Chavez Says:

    I’m sorry your ankles are swollen again and hurting..life is a rollercoaster with and without a chronic illness..I. hope that you can look forward to see the rainbows on the horizon after the storm..and, hopefully someday very soon this rollercoaster will be giving you a good ride worthy of putting your arms up and giggling :) Hugs and prayers!

    • Angela Says:


      Aw, thank you for the comment and your support. I hope you’re right…I’m ready for some rainbows and giggles. haha.

  2. Wish I could make it all go away for you but alas…I can not. All I can wish is that this flare will pass and quickly for you and of course lots of rainbows and giggles too.

  3. wovensongs Says:


    I have RA and edema. I get lymph massage from a physical therapist once a week. It makes a world of difference for me.

    Of course, we are each different, but it might be something you haven’t thought to explore.

    Good luck!

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