Peace Corps update

A couple months ago I submitted an appeal to the Peace Corps’ Pre-service Review Board regarding their decision to not accept my application based on my Medical Review. I wrote a post about this earlier when I first got the bad news that I had been rejected from being a Peace Corps volunteer because of having rheumatoid arthritis and the medications I have to take for it. I submitted an appeal to this decision with a statement explaining why I should be accepted and that my RA would not be a problem, citing the fact that I have previously lived abroad. My rheumatologist also wrote a statement on my behalf. Well, obviously my appeal was not sufficient enough and they still rejected me.

“At your request, the Pre-service Review Board (PRB) has considered your case. The PRB has completed its review of your medical information, including the new information you provided, carefully considering it in the context of your medical history and physical findings. We are sorry to inform you the Board has reaffirmed the decision that we are unable to medically qualify you for Peace Corps service.”

Not fair, really, but what can I do? Maybe this is just another case of “it’s not meant to be.” I am getting sick of these not-meant-to-be situations, however. But it probably is a blessing in disguise. Onto the next thing, right. What should that be?

13 thoughts on “Peace Corps update

  1. Wow, I’m so sorry, what a bummer. I SO understand your disappointment, but you’re right, this may be a blessing in disguise. You never know how your illness will progress. And even though I know, KNOW, how hard it is to make changes to your life because of it (it makes me feel like it’s winning, and I hate that!) sometimes, you have to give just a little.

    This probably just means you’re now available to do something good and worthy within your own community. You’re already doing so much! Perhaps there is an opportunity about to open itself up to you! I’ll keep my fingers crossed!

  2. Hi Liz,
    Yes it’s very disappointing but I’m trying to stay positive about the whole thing. I know that all I can do is keep trying and moving forward with life. Thank you for your continual support! I hope you’re right about something about to open up for me soon…I could use some good luck/news!

  3. One of my best friends is in Americorp and loves it. You should look into it. They have lots of different program areas.

    I understand your frustration about living overseas! When I finished graduate school I wanted to live in Ecuador and work at their research station. Then came RA and the need for insurance, so I got a job with benefits. At first I was disappointed but now I see it was a blessing. I love my job and after 7 years here I will be able to take paid sabbatical. I plan to go overseas for a few months then. My doctor told me about a biological that is injected every 6 months so my hope is to start on that one and go into remission before I leave.

    Life takes us down many roads. We just have to learn to sit back and enjoy the ride!

  4. I am newly diagnosed RA as well as hypothyroidism…I looked online for a blog to follow regarding Rheumatoid Arthritis, and I found yours. Thanks for sharing your perspective, and advice..Blessings :)

    1. Hi Annamarie,

      Thanks so much for your comment and for reading my blog. I hope everything goes well for you with the RA and hypothyroidism. Both things can be so incredibly frustrating, I know.

      Take care,

  5. I did Americorps…that’s what brought me to Massachusetts. Maybe they have something in Hawaii, or somewhere else amazing, or whatnot. I guess it’s not the same as being abroad but still…there is so much need for help within our country, as well as abroad. And that’s coming from a serious left-winger. LOL.

    1. Hey Deb,
      Thanks for the comment! That’s right, I do remember that you did Americorps. I know, I should check it out.

      Talk soon, I hope!

      1. I’m trying to teach English abroad but was checking into the Peace Corps as a backup. Looks like it’s going to be tough to do either! I e-mailed you about Humira in France in regards to it :)

      2. Oh yes, of course! I’m sorry I think I owe you another reply. Will do that soon! Yeah, I was pretty disappointed about being denied by the Peace Corps. Not fair.

        But there are other programs and ways to teach abroad–tons! I’m sure you can sort out something. I hope you will! Don’t give up on it if it’s something you really want to do. :)

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