7 thoughts on “This is a gift, it comes with a price

  1. I was recently diagnosed, I have been having problems with my knee and fatigue since Nov. 2010. Lucky to get an answer so quickly I guess. I’m trying to stay positive but today is a bad day, I’m so tired of not being able to do anything including gardening and just getting out and going places, walking is very difficult. I hope the medicine helps soon. I’m so thankful to my husband he has been amazing, it really surprised me. I love him all over again. By the way I am 51 years old. thanks for listening.

  2. Hi Cheryl,
    Thanks for your comment and for reading my blog. I’m really sorry to hear that you’re in so much pain right now. What meds are you on? Are you seeing a rheumatologist? Take care of yourself and rest. Sometimes meds take a while to kick in, which is frustrating, I know. I’m glad to hear that your husband is being supportive – it makes such a difference having people to support you when you’re struggling with all of this stuff. I hope you feel better soon! Feel free to email me if you want.

    Take care,

  3. What a great image! You take such great pics. Hope to someday break out the camera and take some pics. I’m still struggling over here, but happy to report that my doc finally changed my meds. Hoping and praying that I will see some relief soon. (this would be why I haven’t written, so sorry, dear)

    So yay! Two bike rides! And how did you feel after? Have you gone for any more?

    How are you doing btw? Are you feeling all right? I saw your mention in that abc news article! You’re famous! Of course, not exactly something you want to be known for, but still.

    I hope you’re doing ok. I’d love to chat with you, and obviously, committing to an email is more than I can do right now. Wanna chat on gmail soon? Lemme know!

    Take care of you!


  4. Hi Liz, great to hear from you! I’m sorry that you’re still not feeling very well. I hope the new meds begin to work soon. I know how exhausting it is waiting for the pain to lessen and/or go away. So frustrating. I actually haven’t gone biking for a couple weeks. I’m hoping to go today for a short ride – it really does make a difference, I think.

    haha..oh yes, now I’m famous. No, the ABC News article is cool though. I’m happy I got to help out with it.

    I will send you an email soon on gmail! Hope you have a good weekend and take care.

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