3 thoughts on “Relief

  1. I’m so glad you’re feeling better, Angela! Have you been hurting this whole time? :(

    I’m finally getting better. I had a really bad flareup after eating Mexican last week, but feeling pretty good now. I hope you feel better too. I haven’t read far enough back into your journal but are you on an anti inflammation diet? I also wonder how much location and weather affect us. I know when it storms here I hurt bad. Luckily, it’s mostly sunny. How’s the weather by you?

    Feel better soon, Angela. Keep those spirits up.

    1. Thanks Liz. Yes I have been hurting this whole time. Flare-up still isn’t totally gone, but much better (WHEW). No, I’m not on any special diet. Well, for the last three weeks I’ve been trying very hard to lose weight and eat only (mostly) whole foods. I’ve also been a lot better at taking fish oil supplements. Also trying to stay off caffeine. I have been thinking more about trying to find out specifically which foods are bad for inflammation. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s everything I like to eat. Ha. I hope you are still feeling good as well!

      1. Oh Angela, I’m sorry you’ve been hurting this whole time. That’s awful! My last long term flareup lasted three weeks until I went on the Prednisone. Bleh. I’m so glad you’re feeling better. Did you wear a wrist brace for your wrist? Did it help? They help me when I’m at work and have to do a lot of typing during a flare up.

        I have a post up on my blog about all the foods I’ve excluded from my diet to try and control inflammation. It has some info on there, but I can rec some books if you’re interested as well. Once I went on the anti inflammation diet, lost 12lbs right away. I haven’t lost anything more, but I’m finally feeling better, and that’s what really counts. Let me know if you want some info, k?

        Feel better soon!


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