St. Cloud

I’m driving up to St. Cloud tomorrow morning (EARLY! auuugh…6:30) to take photos for the Arthritis Foundation.  There’s an arthritis fundraising walk going on there, similar to the annual one in the Twin Cities and the JAM walk I volunteered for in March.  It’s a really nice course/path by the river and I’m looking forward to it.  I just hope I can drag myself out of bed and get there in time.  I am NOT a morning person, and I’ve had to wake up super early every day this week for Census training.  It will be worth it though.  Let’s hope I get some good pictures (I’ll post them on here sometime soon, probably).

Sleep…sleep…I JUST WANT TO SLEEP. uhhhhhh.

And my body is hurting worse as I wait to get accepted for Remicade assistance.  I worked two hours this morning for the Census and then 5+ hours at Dan’s typing/data entry.  By the time I left there my wrists, hands, and shoulders were throbbing.  My right hand is starting to swell, too, which is worrying.  I just hope my application with the Health Well Foundation goes through next week.  Why must these things take so long?  I need my drug now!  I refuse to go back on prednisone.

ok, goodnight invisible readers

3 thoughts on “St. Cloud

  1. I have just dropped into your blog. June2010. and have read about your plight. I have been a sufferer of seropositive RA for three years now and sympathise greatly with you. I am female and in my early seventies. Having always been a fit individual and never having to take tablets of any sort all of my life I took it badly when the THING decended upon me and my lifestyle. The one great thing I have is an RA Consultant, and our NHS blanket of care.
    My consultant is the best in the world he is caring and diligent in his approach and i have email access to him if I have a problem. The NHS (the National Health Service in England) again is the best available, as I have found out.
    I find that stress does play a big part in the oncome of flare ups ans of course doing too much exercise, however there needs to be some movement to keep your joints healthy. But for myself I am now on a manageable routine with methotrexate and only 2 mg prednisolone per day and the odd peracetamol. I must say that I am to understand that prednisolone is not to be played around with and should only be taken under medical advice and not on an ad-hock basis.
    I privately had allergy tests done and found i was intolerant to wheat and gluton and oats, I immediately dropped these from my diet and lost a stone without any problem. that was ten months ago and i have stayed at that same weight and the pains have lifted and i feel so much better, my insides work well without problems. i also added nettle tea and green tea with lemon. I have just started to reintroduce the wheat again very slowly and sparingly and(ie. one bread bun per week) and a couple of brandys per week, with soda of course.I sypmathise that you do not seem to be getting the crucial attention needed with this disease, nor the guidance to your medication and lifestyle. please contact me if you wish. Keep moving. I wouold just add that I also had the RA throughout the body top to toe, now with care the THING just visits now and again bu without the intensity that it used to be however that hands are a big problem.

    1. Hi, thanks for the comment and for reading my blog! Sorry it took me so long to write back to you. I’m really bad about keeping up with this thing. I will definitely check out your RA blog as well. I agree, it really helps to share with people who are going through similar situations and challenges. Take care!

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