Running (biking) up that hill

June 23, 2008

Wow, I haven’t posted in months.  Where did those months go?  Well, it’s a long story – I became very sick in the beginning of March with a couple of different issues going on.  It’s been such a nightmare and I basically haven’t had the energy to do anything until just recently.  However, I’ll save the whole sickness business for another post.  I don’t feel up to writing about that right now.

In better news, I recently bought a good used bike with the hope of using it to finally begin exercising again. It’s pretty comfortable, considering the pain and limitations I have with my wrists, ankles, and sometimes hips.  I could write an entire post on the headache it is just trying to find a bike that works and is the least painful for this decrepit body.  Admittedly, I really do envy people who can just purchase things like this (and shoes, for another matter) without having it turn into a huge ordeal.  Yeah, don’t get me going on shoes either.  I can’t find any tennis shoes that fit and don’t hurt my feet.  My former marathon coach is supposed to be helping me find some New Balance ones, but I think he’s forgotten about it.  I should bug him again, I suppose.

Back to the bike.  I recently moved into a small house in NE Minneapolis which is only 3.2 miles from where my sister and her husband live.  This is pretty cool, so today I decided to bike over there for the first time. Now, maybe this was a stupid idea since I’ve been lying on the couch for three months day after day (no exaggeration), but I’m happy to report that I survived. I did not fall off the bike, I didn’t pass out in the midst of a heart attack, I didn’t wuss out and go back home.  GOOD JOB ME.  Well, however I did have to walk the bike up part of a large hill, but that’s understandable I think.  Thankfully the ride back home was a breeze, zooming down that hill.  So now I’m a tired, sweaty mess, but it feels really good. Back before I had RA, I was a pretty active, athletic person.  I played softball, basketball, and tennis among other sports.  I miss all of those things, but if I can handle this biking thing, I’ll be happy and grateful for that.

Sorry if this isn’t a very witty or clever post, but hey – I just biked over six miles!  Give this couch potato a break. :)

Also, thank you so much to all of you who have left me comments over the last few months. I’m sorry I’ve been MIA.  I have read every one of them and will work on responding to your comments as soon as I can.

Happy biking,


11 Responses to “Running (biking) up that hill”

  1. sara Says:

    Hi Angela,
    Glad to see a new post from you and hear you are doing ok. I just recently discovered your blog. That’s great about the bike, and six miles is no small accomplishment. I bet it feels good to reclaim a little bit of your pre-ra life.

  2. Kirsten Says:

    Hi, just stumbled across your site. I know exactly what you mean about finding a bike that is kind to the joints. I was so sad when I’d see my hubby leave on a bikeride with my young son knowing I couldn’t go with them because the pressure and ensuing pain in my wrists was too much to bear. I recently found a bike, though, that has made it possible for me to ride for miles without too much pain: it’s a Raleigh Hybrid ( and it is just fantastic…but I still walk it up hills :-)
    And about shoes? I started a blog about comfortable,stylish shoes last August, My absolute favorite is the Merrell Siren walking shoe–kind to my bunion-ridden, achy feet.

  3. Abbie Says:

    Wow u’ve inspired me! I’m gona get my bike out tmrw. Sorry should of started with A Hello. I’m new to RA and been sat here (in london) feeling sorry for myself. Trying to find out more infomation can be upsetting. But also so Inspiring Need to get a grip and get out there. From A to A! x

  4. Clare Says:

    just came across your blog…you might like mine, i have RA too. lately the blog is more about my pregnancy, but earlier posts are VERY RA related! i’m going to read more of yours…

  5. Raphael Sisa Says:

    Keep posting. I enjoy your blog! I have RA too. I just started keeping a blog at

  6. Sheryl Says:

    Angela, just found your blog today. Glad to hear you are back in action! I have RA and have the darnedest time finding shoes that fit and don’t hurt. I’ve found Saucony to be a good tennis shoe. They also seem to run a bit wider than your average sneaker and are fairly comfortable (until my feet swell up!). Anyway, let me know if you found something that works for you — I’m always looking for new options! Take care.

  7. Annette Says:

    I tried to start exercising by doing something very easy -tightening my stomach (abs?)
    The physio said act as though someone is pointing a knife at your bellybutton. Pull in and then up with the muscles. You can do it lying in bed.

    It is not something I would have kept on with but after 2 months I saw a rheumatologist as part of a trial so it was a brief examination but she did say I had strong abs. Amazing after so little work. So I kept it up and now do modified Pilates, lying down, every day for about 15 minutes. Any sustained feeling of success is good


  8. Erica Says:

    Hi. Just curious, since I’ve briefly read your blog are you single? I only ask because as a RA sufferer I find it difficult to be my painfilled self with anyone new. It’s like a little secret between me and my delicious looking salad plate that’s getting by barely touched because on that date I had so much pain in my wrists that I couldn’t lift my fork. Whilst my date thinks ooh. isn’t she dainty.

    There once was the day when I had a long time boyfriend who understood my flare-ups and would feed me ect.. but he is gone .

    How do you deal with the facade of being young and healthy in a new relationship?

  9. Angela Says:

    Hi, Erica

    Thanks for your comment. Yes, I am single. That’s really interesting you wrote about this because it’s been an issue that’s been on my mind a lot over the last few months. I’d actually like to write an article about dating with a disability for The Minnesota Women’s Press. Would you mind if I quote you in it? I try hard to live every day as a “normal” person, which might be a silly and too-high expectation of myself sometimes. I go into relationships with the same attitude, however after a recent doomed “relationship,” I stopped to think about how my RA could have affected its demise. Communication is so important in a relationship with two healthy people, nevermind if one person suffers from a disability. And it’s definitely important to be with someone who is kind and understanding toward you and your disease. It can be really hard to date while living with RA, I think. Thanks again for your comment!

  10. Anne Says:

    I can not even imagine getting on a bike. I have been walking but on the days I walk , in the evenings, I have a lot of pain in my ankles. Swimming seems to be my best bet for exercise I have no after affects from it. I am glad I found your blog and I hope your feeling better every day.

  11. Wow… very amazing subject. I will write about it as well!

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