Weight of the world

Once again time flew by and I haven’t written in here for a while.  Apologies again to my maybe two readers (ha ha).

For the past month+ I’ve been trying very hard to improve my health and lose weight.  I began an aquatic whole-body conditioning class that meets twice a week (I wrote about this once before but deleted my post in embarrassment because my instructor found this blog and told me about it at class one week. I’ll probably repost it sometime soon once I stop acting like a baby).  I also started this “Colorful Choices” program through work that helps a person eat more fruits and vegetables, as well as giving up all soda and drinking a lot of water.  I’ve been doing pretty well with these things, yet I’m growing more and more frustrated because I’m not seeing ANY results – not pounds-wise or in clothing fit.  What is the DEAL?  Do I have to run miles each day and starve myself to lose even a tiny bit of weight?  I’m so unbelievably sick of this weird weight gain (from the last 5 years) that never goes away despite my efforts.  I just want to be my “normal” self, 25-30 lbs lighter, which isn’t even “skinny.”  I’m working hard yet the flab is hanging around (literally).


So, since I’ve been suspicious of this weight gain for years, yet my doctors all tell me that it’s just that I’m “getting older,” (not from my arthritis medications) I’ve decided to keep a food diary for two weeks, writing down everything I eat and the calories.  If I still don’t lose weight with my seemingly low caloric intake (yesterday was about 1,400 calories) plus increased exercise, I’m going to wave this diary in my doctor’s face and say, “Here’s the proof!  Can you please help me now?”

I hate keeping the food diary, by the way.  Thinking about what I’m eating constantly makes me a little insane. I’m crazy enough without having to add food anxiety to it.  If anybody out there has any thoughts or good advice on this, please feel free to comment!

I’m starving…snack time.   

9 thoughts on “Weight of the world

  1. I really hope you might be able to try Enbrel. It’s the first and only thing that’s been able to make a dent in my RA. Also, I can truly relate to the weight gain. I’ve moaned on an on about it on my blog. It’s amazing how it affects my mental state of happiness. I’m on a mission – but still not a dent can define my current experience. i’m sure it’s due to lack of major mobility. keep it going – and there are definitely more than two of us reading.

  2. Two things you might be overlooking.
    1. is your heart happy with this exercise program?
    2. have you increased your blood flow throughout your body and especially your joints?

    If you can answer yes then that is what you need to stay focused on.
    Exercise and Arthritis really don’t like each other. If arthritis had it’s way there would be no such thing as exercise.

    Keep up the good work and keep your chin up. It might take as many years to take off the pounds as it did to “put” them on. But in the process you have strengthened your heart and blood vessels and that’s a great thing to have happen.

  3. I have to eat better too. I know my current RA flare could be helped with diet and exercise – two things I used to be better at. I need to make time for both of these but struggle to find the motivation.

  4. Hi Angela, it’s been a few months since you’ve posted… I hope everything’s alright and that you didn’t reduce your “caloric intake” so drastically that you disappeared. I recently kicked the soda habit as well.

    I was up to 2L/day of Diet P3psi, but haven’t had a drop in a few weeks now. I did it mostly by switching to Club Soda with juice. If you can find a non-sucrose/fructose juice, like grape juice or cranberry juice, add some to a nearly-full glass of club soda. It’s like a healthy pop. Use cans of club soda though, the bottles lose their fizz and revert back to water too quickly.

  5. Hey,
    I just found your site-not sure if you are still actively blogging, but I really was so happy to find it! (there don’t seem to be too many out there by younger women). I was just diagnosed with RA about 10 months ago, so haven’t been dealing with it as long as you, but i gained a good 15 pounds almost immediately, and they aren’t wanting to budge, so i really relate. I guess we just have to keep at it.
    I hope you’ll post some more soon! Also, if you are interested, check out mine.

  6. hey there! i just found your blog. I’ve had jra for 8 years and I’ve just figured out how to keep it under control with diet and supplements. Something you have to know about me is that I am a health nut. I am a huge supporter of the idea that ra is caused by digestive disorders and poor nutrition. I think that it would surprise about 99% of the population how strict and how extremely clean you need to eat in order to find relief for ra symptoms. I lost 9 lbs in two weeks from changing what I ate and adding some supplements…no i didn’t decrease my caloric intake. Your body is just meant to eat the kind of food that we no longer eat, so it doesn’t know what to do with this foreign stuff. It gets stored it in our fat cells. All toxins in overwhelming amounts get stored in our fat cells b/c the body can’t process them all at once or literally doesn’t know what to do with it all. That is why when you first get diagnosed and begin a new drug you may experience weight gain b/c of all the toxins being introduced. I recommend this site: jonbarron.org I also blog about how I’m getting off meds and controlling ra through diet. thetruthaboutjra.wordpress.com I really believe in this and hope that you find help from changing your diet also. Remember, it takes time and patience. i hope you are in good spirits and feeling well!

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